ClearLLab 10C Compensation

The power to reduce your compensation workload

ClearLLab Compensation Beads

The ClearLLab Compensation Beads, which are antibody capture beads, are used in conjunction with  the ClearLLab Compensation Kit  to perform color compensation and enhance assay performance of the ClearLLab 10C system. When using this system, compensation is only required on initial set-up of the application, when daily QC fails, after instrument service as needed, or when switching to a new lot of Flow-Set Pro.

These kits:

  • Include all required compensation setup tubes 
  • Simplify sample preparation with ClearLLab antibody capture beads
  • Feature a unitized test format using DURA dry reagent technology, which requires no refrigeration
  • Navios and Navios EX flow cytometers feature a lean compensation setup for 10 colors, to help you save even more time.