HIAC PODS+ Portable Industrial Particle Counter

HIAC PODS+ portable liquid particle counters provide proactive and predictive maintenance information instantly. Sample low or high viscosity fluids and report data to ISO 4406, NAS 1638, NAVAIR, GOST, or SAE AS4059 reporting standards. With an integrated internal pump eliminating the need for CO2 cartridges, the HIAC PODS+ is highly portable with improved  bubble degassing capabilities for virtually unlimited field sampling.  

  • Self-diagnostic alerts
  • Sample recipe wizard
  • Paperless workflows

Documentation and Application Notes

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HIAC PODS+ Portable Liquid Particle Counter Features

Fast and Efficient

  • Analysis in < 60 seconds 
  • Save time & eliminate operator error with custom sample recipes
  • Easily move from one sample point to another
  • One-button sampling–no training or instrument expertise required

Extended Service Life

  • Predictive moisture detection before degradation sets in
  • Self-cleaning routines to remove unwanted particles
  • Connection to operating online system for instant system cleanliness data

Calibrations & Reporting Standards

  • ISO-11171
  • PSL
  • Glycol
  • ISO, SAE, NAS, ASTM, GOST, DEF STAN, NAVAIR & user defined  

Sample Management

  • 5 mL - 50 mL programmable sample volume
  • Custom sample recipes with guided recipe wizard
  • Samples & reports instantly backed up and exportable to PC and/or LIMS
  • 100% portability for anywhere liquid-contamination analysis

HIAC PODS+ Portable Liquid Particle Counter Specifications

Performance ± 2.5% flow accuracy
Laser Classification Class III B Laser Product
Industry Standards ISO 4406, NAVAIR 01-1A-17, NAS 1638, SAE AS 4059, GOST 17216-2001, Raw Counts, Counts / mL, Upgrade options: DEFSTAN 91-91, ASTM D7619-12, user specified
Light Source Light obscuration
Particle Size Analysis Range 4 - 70 µm(c)
Coincidence Loss 5% at 40,000 particles/mL (per ISO-11171:2010 method)
Sample Volume 5-50 mL (programmable) mL
Throughput 1 to 10 programmable (averaged)
Fluid Compatibility Akso Fyrquel™, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Aromatics, Diesel fuel, Fuels, Glycol, Hydraulic fluids, Jet fuel (JP4, JP5, & others), Marston Bentley HW 540, MIL-H-5606, MIL-H-83282, Monsanto Coolanol™, Monsanto Skydrol™, Oil, Kerosene, Ketones, Stoddard Solvent, Water
Concentration Range 0 to 40000 particles/mL
Online Operation No (Online Adapter Cup sold separately)
Tare Volumes Bottle: 5-50 mL, Online: 5-999 mL
Temperature Range Operating temperature range: 0 to 50°C, Storage temperature range: -40 to +70°C, Fluid temperature range: 0 to 90°C (at 25°C ambient), Charging temperature: limited to 40°C
Counting Efficiency Meets JIS B9925:1997
Count Alarms Display and Cycles Count, particle percent difference, coincidence, system, calibration due, Flow or system alarms output through I/O port
Item Specifications Referenced B95066

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